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Toilers film ‘needs more States support to be filmed in island’

A FILM based on Victor Hugo’s Guernsey-based novel will need more support from the States if it is to be shot in the Bailiwick.

That is the message from producers David Shanks and Joy Mellins, who have spent three years drumming up support and promises of funding in an attempt to produce a film version of Les Travailleurs de la Mer, which was published in 1866 and was dedicated by Hugo to the island.

‘We feel like we’ve been pushing at an open door,’ Mr Shanks said. ‘Everyone says it’s fantastic that we’re planning to shoot this film here, but we now need action from government to give the final push.’

The commitment they are hoping for from the States is to promise a contribution of £1.5-£3m., which would need to be spent only in the event that the film goes ahead.


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