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Gilliatt is an outcast. Shunned and feared by other islanders, because of their belief he was born of witchcraft. Deruchette is the only person who offers the occasional smile and the promise of friendship. But Gilliatt fears approaching her and potential further rejection, so he admires and falls in love from afar.

Deruchette’s Uncle and Guardian, Lethierry, owns the only paddle ship on the island. In a fate not uncommon to the rocky shores of Guernsey, his ship faces fog and is shipwrecked. Sensing Lethierry’s desperation, Deruchette offers to marry whoever is prepared to face the powerful Sea and bring her Uncle’s beloved ship home.

Gilliatt grasps the opportunity.


His love gives him the strength to take on the impossible; he risks his life in a battle with the elements, to overcome the raging storm and wild tempestuous seas, only to be faced with a giant squid...

Will he make it back to the island?
Will he succeed in his mission?
Will he survive his trial?
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